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Northport Cabin: Selected Work


The Northport house is a small vacation home for a family of four on a secluded site in Northern Michigan. The open floor plan of the house is designed around the natural setting and orientation of the site and facilitates a 270 degree view of the Grand Traverse bay and the surrounding orchards. Large windows offer the experience to be close to nature through all seasons and a continuous porch wrapping around the house extends the living space during the warmer seasons. Individual bedrooms are minimal in size and the large open living room offers areas for social gatherings as well as quiet areas for privacy on different floor levels. The use of unfinished or naturally treated wood throughout the building further blends the house into it’s natural context. To meet the tight budget of the project the house uses locally available building materials and common construction methods with an attention to well crafted details. (Book on AirBnB)

Northport Cabin: Text
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